Surf's Up Kidside

Splash down & ride the wild surf with each and every bath! Surf’s Up Kidside™ keeps kids clean and soft from head to sandy little toes. Pure, gentle and eco-friendly blends combined with kid-friendly packaging make tub time fun and clean up a breeze. MAHALO!

Jet-Set Girl

Shower your way to soft, smooth skin with Jet-Set Girl™ Luxury Bath Collection. Super Shiny Shampoo, Perfectly Posh Conditioner, Luxury Bubble Bath and Silky Shimmer Lotion will whisk you away to your next glam adventure feeling silky, sassy and oh-so-clean!

One Planet

One Planet™ Naturals Kid Botanicals are the perfect blend of nature’s finest ingredients for kid’s bath and body care. Our proprietary blends never contain harsh additives or drying extracts. Gentle and safe for everyday use, good for your body and good for the planet.

Cowboy Kidd

Wrangle ’em in for bath time fun! The Cowboy Kidd™ loves outdoor play and needs to shine after an adventurous day. Shine up your little lone ranger with this complete collection and you’re ready to move ’em out for another day’s adventure.

Baby Zen

A harmonious blend of nature's finest ingredients is the Baby-Zen™ way. Gentle enough for everyday use with no harsh additives or drying extracts. Baby-Zen™ keeps kids soft & cuddly while eco-friendly ingredients keep mom, dad and the earth at peace.

Baby Zen

Rich, toxin free Organic blends of refreshing Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Lavender & Citrus helps repel lice while nourishing botanicals keep hair silky soft & tangle-free.